Last Man Standing : Pinky Fury

07 Feb 2020

Pinky Fury has a simple level design with only two demons, the Pinky and Spectre. When playing solo, the best thing to do is farm the demons into a circle. The few few seconds can be tricky, but manageable. Pinkys spawn at every corner and sides of the level. One, heavy cloaked, Spectre spawns in the middle energy field. Dont worry about its location in the group at the start, it will fall in line with the rest, but be cautious, once you start clearing through the pack as you farm them around, it will be there, so keep a sharp eye out for a floating mouth and keep in mind that these demons are tougher than a normal Pinky as well and may require more shots to kill.
As you kill the demons, they respawn at their original spawn point in the level. When farming them around, be sure to check behind you, not doing so will result in undesired consequences. This video was shot in Veteran skill level (3 of 6). For skills higher than this, the demons arent too forgiving and at highest skill, will more than likely one shot you. Also with higher hit damage the demons can take more damage themselves. At skill 3 you can one shot them with a double barrel shotgun, 4 and up will require more than two shots.

Level Info.
Pinky Fury is part of the training simulations in the Doom 3 mod, Last Man Standing (LMS) Training simulations help players better understand the demons they face by placing them in levels with small groups of attack waves. You generally only face one type at a time. This also allows the player to decide what weapon best suits the job. Be mindful though, not all weapons in the game are available in all training levels. You are limited to certain ones. Pinky Fury offers two demons, Pinky and Spectre. It offers the double barrel shotgun, machine gun, chaingun, and grenades. The center of the level is the only source of armor and when below 100health, will even heal you a bit, health packs are in the corners of the level.


Video Credits.
Level. Pinky Fury
Skill level. Veteran (3 of 6)
Player. TABlasto
In game music. They Crave
Game License. Platinum Arts
Level Designer. LMSAlucard
Recorder. Fraps
Studio. Windows Live Movie Maker


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